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The Soapbox Filipina | October 23, 2019

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Visit Zoobic Safari This Summer - The Soapbox Filipina

Visit Zoobic Safari This Summer
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

Visit Zoobic Safari this summer. 

Parents like myself, oftentimes, find ourselves setting aside time, for our children’s “zoo time”. Perhaps it is because the zoo is a happy memory to most of us.

Looking back, there were four important settings in my childhood.

First, there was the beach. Second, the park. Third, the carnival. And last, the zoo.

You are not a child of this planet—be that as it may, if you do not have a memory of the zoo or any animal park, in your childhood.

All things considered, the ultimate zoo experience here in the country, would that be in Zoobic Safari.

Zoobic Safari is by and large, the widest wildlife park in the Philippines.

A clear difference is that, it is set on an overwhelming 25-hectare lot in Subic, Zambales.

In addition to that, the park is home to a diverse group of animal species—some actually, rare and one of its kind.

Zoobic Safari

Hedwig and Harry maybe?

At any rate, the place is easy to navigate because the zoo arranges a guided tour for the guests. And that would be around fifteen minutes, after the guests have purchased the tickets.

Thereafter, the tour guide will explain how the tour is divided into two sections:

First, there is the WALK-THRU.

It is a thirty to forty minute walk inside the Zoobic Park, Rodent World and the Serpentarium.

Next, is the DRIVE-THRU .

The guests can go see the different attractions aboard their own vehicle (with no charge).

Either that or they may also ride the zoo’s tram, for a fee. Later on, they get on the safari jeep at the Tiger Safari Ride attraction.

The tour takes round about 2 1/2 hours— if all twelve attractions are to be visited.

The highlights at Zoobic Safari are classified through the following features:

1. Aeta Trail & Show
2. Animal Photo Opportunity
3. Animal Show
4. Croco Loco
5. Forbidden Cave
6. Rodent World
7. Savannah
8. Serpentarium
9. Sky Safari
10. Tiger Safari
11. Zoobic Cave
12. Zoobic Park


Family Outing at Zoobic Safari

When my family and I visited Zoobic Safari, we were not able to go around the entire place.  We stayed longer in the places where the children enjoyed more, like the petting zoo and the serpentarium. While on the other hand, the adults like my parents enjoyed the Tiger Safari. The place is too wide and in my opinion, a day would not be enough to tour the place.

Zoobic Safari

Family Outing at Zoobic Safari


Animal Photo Opportunity

In the meantime, guests can have their photo taken with exotic animals. My son had a photo op with a baby crocodile.

Zoobic Safari

with a baby croc


Zoobic Cave

Real stuffed animals are showcased in this place.

Zoobic Safari


Croco Loco

About 200 crocodiles are housed in this area. You can also dangle chicken meat on a pole and feed the crocodile, like my son did.

Zoobic Safari

feeding the crocs


Different kinds of snakes, lizards and turtles can be seen here.

Zoobic Safari

snakes in the plain!




Animals sans the cages, can be seen roaming freely in this section of the zoo.

Zoobic Safari

seeing stripes



Zoobic Park

In this section, the children get the chance to interact with animals and pet them.

Zoobic Safari

on my high horse

Tiger Safari

Guests can go through the tiger safari riding a special jeep while the zoo keeper feeds the tigers from the inside.

Zoobic Safari

feeding the tigers


The park’s operating hours is from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Zoobic Safari is situated at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Subic, Zambales.

Visit their page here.




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