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The Soapbox Filipina | November 23, 2019

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We Love Torch Restaurant - The Soapbox Filipina

We Love Torch Restaurant
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen





 My brother Vito and his wife Mae took us to lunch, in Torch Restaurant at Trinoma Mall.

Torch Restaurant is a fusion of international cooking. The dishes served at the restaurant is blended cuisine —a bit of everything delicious from different places.

Our family’s dining experience was nothing short of divine.

The food was heavenly!



Here I am, enjoying an interesting conversation with my younger siblings  -as good food abound.


That is my sister, the lawyer, my two brothers, the engineers, me, the mommy blogger and my niece, the foodie-baby.

( while my brother speaks to mom on the phone)


The Ang Sens ♥♥♥ Torch Restaurant

Salpicao Medallion with Mashed Potato

Home of the giants : The big and the bigger Ang Sen love the Salpicao Medallion with Mashed Potato. 

Here are what we had there:


Soft-Shell Crab Salad


The salad is a mishmash of leafy greens  ( lettuce with beautiful alfalfa sprouts set on top) .

It is mixed with small pieces of fruits (ripe mangoes and black grapes).

It is topped with crispy battered soft-shell crab and served with berries vinaigrette and Torch’s special dressing.

(this was my favorite, I could finish this all)

Soft-shell Crab Salad

Soft-shell Crab Salad



Napa Valley Salad


The salad is a base of fresh romaine lettuce, shredded and garnished with pine kernels.

While chunks of watermelon, slices of ripe mangoes and cubes of chicken breast made the salad, all delish.


Napa Valley Salad


Chicken Fingers

Battered chicken tenders fried to crispness and served with homemade potato chips.

It also comes with a homemade honey mustard dip.


Chicken Fingers


Gambas Pizza

Crusty pizza covered with melted mozzarella cheese topped with shrimps sautéed in chipotle garlic olive oil.

( Need say more? The picture will tell you why this was a favorite of mine, too!)


Gambas Pizza



Philly Cheesesteak Pizza


It is frizzled beef, onions and melted cheese on top of the pizza!

A classic take on the Philly cheesesteak sandwich filling –of melted mozzarella and cream cheese -on top of a fresh, oven-baked thin crust pizza.


Philly Cheese Steak Pizza




Buffalo Asian Wings


A piquant dish of chicken wings.

Spicy buffalo wings specially marinated and served with Mandarin and Oriental Asian sauces.

Buffalo Asian Chicken Wings

Buffalo Asian Chicken Wings






Volcano Sushi Roll

Volcano sushi roll is fresh tempura, tamago and Japanese cucumber.

It is the spice-baked melted mozzarella on top which makes this sushi roll flavorful and all ready to explode on your mouth.

Volcano Roll

Volcano Sushi Roll




Salpicao Medallion with Mashed Potato

Cubed U.S. Angus beef tenderloin -closely resembling the Filipino beef salpicao recipe.

It is served on hot marble so you can have it as it is, medium-done. ( or wait for it to cook some more, like I did )

It is sided with mashed potatoes.

 Salpicao Medallion with Mashed Potato

Salpicao Medallion with Mashed Potato



Our big family, my husband, my son, my sisters, my brothers and their wives, and my nieces  ♥♥♥ the food!


family love at Torch Restaurant


with the youngest sister

Thank you to my brother, Vito  and my sister-in-law Mae for bringing us here.

Thank you for Vito’s post birthday celebration.

Thank you also Vito and Mae for taking pictures of the food while I was busy enjoying them. ( insert evil older sister laugh here) 

Most of the pictures posted here, were taken by this foodie couple:






Torch Restaurant has many branches but we went to their Trinoma Branch

 Second Floor, Trinoma Mall, North Triangle, Quezon City

Phone numbers:

02 7304102
02 2121212




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