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The Soapbox Filipina | September 23, 2019

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Unboxing the Toy, Treasure X - The Soapbox Filipina

Unboxing the Toy, Treasure X
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

Treasure X

Unboxing the Toy, Treasure X

Ever since my son Rafa has had Rafa’s Toy Tubehis toy tube You Tube channel, and his facebook page, he has always been looking forward to invites from Toys “R” Us ( He had one before from Toys R Us in BGC). 

two years ago at Toys R Us BGC

Recently, Toys “R” Us Trinoma invited my son, Rafa to the exclusive launching and unboxing of the adventure toy, Treasure X.


Treasure X

recently at Toys R Us, Trinoma

Presently, it is one of the hottest toys at Toys “R” Us especially for boys from 5 years old to 15 years old.

Treasure X is a toy adventure which gives the boys a chance to discover treasures on their own.

It is a multi layered surprise-reveal toy.

Rafa ripped, fizzed and chipped away layers and layers of the adventure toy, Treasure X to get to the final treasure.

The thrill lies on purchasing the toy and not knowing what is inside the block of brick.

A collectible skeleton figure and a treasure chest holding treasures which might include real gold are inside the brick. 

My son’s attracted to toys that like this. Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m pretty sure your sons would want something like this. 


It would take 10 steps to finally reveal the treasure:

  1.  First, get hold of the treasure map inside the box. The map will lead you to where and which what adventure are you about to do. 
  2.  Next, rip away the layer of gold paper.
  3.  Then,  you have to look for the mysterious coin. It will help you find your treasure.
  4.  Also, prepare a basin of water and soak  the brick in water for 30 seconds so it will be easier to dig on it using the then use the X-Cavator tool. 
  5.  Afterwards, you will dig into parts of a treasure hunter—-bones, arms    etc and weapons too.
  6.  At this point you can put together you treasure hunter figure.
  7.  Last, you will find a treasure chest. You have to pour water and wait for it to fizz. Then, the treasure will be revealed.    


The set contains:

  •  one character
  • a Rock Vessel
  • WeaponTool
  • Treasure Chest
  • Treasure
  • Map / Collector’s Guide
  • Medallion
  • Scroll
  • 24 Figures to Collect
  • 32 Treasures to Collect
  • 1 in 18 Chance of Gold Plated Treasure 

From the Soapbox: 

Dear moms,

I have to level with you. You will have to prepare for a bit of mess that comes after digging into this toy. 

You have to ask your son to stay near the sink or put a basin in front of him.

In my case, unboxing near the sink was a better option..since it was easy for him to pack away and clean up. 

Anything for the kiddo, moms!

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