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The Soapbox Filipina | November 13, 2019

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The Kinder Zoo

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

Are you looking for a different kind of zoo experience for your kids -at an affordable cost? You need not to go far.

There is a section, on the left side of The Manila Zoo dedicated to children.

This mini zoo, showcases animals which the children can also hold and touch.


The Manila Zoo entrance:

 P100 entrance fee for adults
P60 for children.


*Residents from the Manila area get 50% off,  if they get to present any valid i.d.

The Kinder Zoo entrance is at P250 including all activities.


Yes, the Ang Sens  love The Kinder Zoo at The Manila Zoo.



Not Hedwig, though




The last time, we visited the Kinder Zoo Jungle Adventure was for my son’s field trip, two and a half years ago.


My son was four years old, then.




At four years old at The Kinder Zoo

four years old at The Kinder Zoo


At four years old at The Kinder Zoo

four years old at The Kinder Zoo


Last Sunday, we visited the zoo again, to attend the birthday party of my son’s classmate. (Yes, they accept party events, too.) 


Perhaps, the three of us gained wisdom and “calories”, since last we’ve been there – my son being the most ”gainer” at six years old.




So, what might you see (and hold) in The Kinder Zoo at The Manila Zoo?


six years old at The Kinder Zoo



this snake is real but this mommy is a lot fiercer



and so is this crocodile…



poised for Hogwarts, off to deliver a Nimbus 2000



seeking out Master Splinter

Aside from the animals, the zoo also offers a kiddie pool, a mini-zipline and a wall climbing activity that kids would love.









Visit them today!  




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