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The Soapbox Filipina | November 21, 2019

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The Filipino Intellect

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen



Here we go again. Same old, same old.

Our corrupt politicians are downright insulting the Filipino intellect.

Or does every Filipino in my country including myself exhibit -a mind numbing kind of word on the forehead that says, ” Fool ” ?

Oh well, perhaps our politicians’ belief systems were inferred from our very own actions. We were of course, instrumental in placing them where they are now.” We voted for them . “

And ” we entrusted our country to the likes of them.”

Besides, how else would they come up with cruel presuppositions on our mental capabilities?

Moreover, they have great confidence in their intellectual capacity ( and none for the Filipino people) because they were able to rob from ’round-about ninety seven million people, right under their (our) noses.

The manner by which these corrupt politicians speak to us, could almost convince our own selves in believing that we do not have a thinking brain.
They un-bashfully justify their actions to us as if we lived far from civilization. They skillfully mislead us towards the direction that their fingers are pointing.They all developed selective amnesia, -in a ” hu u ” manner of denial. ( while pictures show otherwise.) They all claim to be victims of forgery.

They engage in ” rediscounting ” p.d.a.f. cheques like those were theirs in the first place. And they even downplayed the words stolen and robbed by using, misused and misapplication, in their places.

They try to confuse us with legal terms, technicalities and highfalutin words to muddle the issues at hand. They appallingly attempted to separate the crime from the doer. They make us lose our hope by trying to shred the credibility of our brave whistleblowers to pieces.

They began to appear ailing and pitiful, like we all have not seen these acts before. ( “And soon they would be sporting wheelchairs, -as if shamelessly mocking the condition of the physically handicapped by resorting to this ploy.”)
( Or is getting nauseous nowadays an act of shame?)

They try to subdue us while making us think we are a group of shallow and befuddled citizens, just like that.They want us to feel that we have no business in all these thievery. They dismiss our importance by skirting around the issue.
These con artists who took our taxes are boldly acting like they are the aggrieved parties. They even have the audacity to worry about their appearances and their supposedly besmirched ( ?) reputations. (what, when, where and which reputation? )

They bring to reason the moral justification of ” everybody is doing it.”

They endeavor for a total repudiation of everyone’s morality. They act as if money in bathtubs are okay. ( “while people from rural barangays are dying of cholera for lack of sanitation”) They speak as if grease money and incentives are one in the same.( “while survivors of war and calamities presently residing in evacuation sites have lost all hope”)

They even swear on hefty bonuses as ethical.
( pray tell what were the outstanding feat these government officials able to accomplish so far, to have been rewarded with large amount of money as bonuses, while their starving country watch from afar? )

Did they also ever think that Kevlar helmets
( that never were ) are okay?
( While ironically rebel snipers shot most of our young and brave soldiers on the head? Now they left grieving wives, children, parents and siblings behind? )

Elseways, we might soon believe we are not bright enough to understand what is happening to this country.

People we trusted and believed in -Filipinos like us, are tearing this country apart.
So instead of offering the olive branch of diplomacy, they brazenly address our concerns as if they are responding to feeble-minded citizens.
Do they not know those are making us angrier than pacifying us?
No amount of distraction, can change the fact:

” Kami ( taong bayan ) po ang ninakawan, hindi po kayo.
At kailan pa man hinding hindi po ito magiging okay. “

We have faith in this country and we have faith in its people. Just in case they had been misinformed, this nation have bright citizens inhabiting it.
The Filipino brain most definitely function on multiple intelligence. We have high emotional intelligence quotient for starters.

We are a happy lot.
(with corrupt politicians trying their very best to make us miserable.)
We are flexible when dealing with stress and erring public officials. We were too -kind and forgiving. We are trending worldwide as a talented, artistic, beautiful, intelligent, athletic and hardworking group of people.How many brilliant doctors, scientists, computer experts and engineers around the world are listed as Filipinos? How many of our beautiful and intelligent women impressed the world and the universe?

How ever did our basketball team run past intimidating giants?
And why is it that our talented artists never cease to amaze other countries?

We are citizens who refuse to believe we have lost our smarts. It is because we never did.
This nation will be great again. ( minus corruption and corrupt politicians )

We are a great country with great people.

” At para sa kaalaman ng lahat, si Juan ay hindi tamad at lalung lalo naman na hindi siya tanga. “

We have been lied to , distracted, smooth-talked, sweet-talked, confused, conned, duped and pre-conditioned.

” Have pity on the people. ”

Our hearts and souls have already been battered by natural calamities like typhoons and earthquakes; and of man-made ones like war and poverty.

Do we also have to endure being treated like fools? Many of us may have not the education we deserved.

Many of us may have not gone to school because you failed to build school buildings for us.

Many of us may not have the needed nutrition for the brain because you have starved us all.


” Half truths, made up truths, semi truth, your truth, my truth, their truths? No can do.

There will only be one truth. And it should be served straight to every hardworking Filipino who is eagerly waiting for these answers.
We have long been subjected to abuses such as these.

We deserve a better government, a better nation and better lines of reasoning. You all have lost your right to a rostrum when you sold our truths and stole our children’s future.

The podium now belongs to the Filipino people.

 -taxpayers’ money, where is it?
– pork barrel, we do not want it
– transparency and our right to information, we deserve those
– nobody should be exempted from any liability, no one at all
– those who committed the crime, should serve time c

Besides, which part of, we do not want the pork barrel and anything akin to it, because all our hard-earned money are but funneled to personal bank accounts did our leaders NOT understand?

Our hearts are screaming for truth, for change and for a better Philippines

All those who need to fix their acts, -should.
All those who gave to go to jail, -must.
And all those who really love this country should be the only ones given power

Why can’t they love this country like we all do? We are a group of lovable people from a beautiful country.

Mahirap bang mahalin ang Pilipinas? Ang mga Pinoy?

Hardworking, beautiful, talented, strong, capable, loving and INTELLIGENT FILIPINOS?

Please love this country, it is all we have.



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