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The Soapbox Filipina | October 24, 2019

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Thank You, Dr. Rufino Limbonpin - The Soapbox Filipina

Thank You, Dr. Rufino Limbonpin
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

cropped-securedownload.jpeg       Today, I take time,  to share my husband’s thoughts, as he thanks a beloved family doctor for his goodness.


“No word can describe the feeling of loss that my family has now -with the passing of our family doctor, Dr. Rufino Limbonpin.

He was not just a doctor to us. He was a friend, a father and a grandfather rolled into one.

Dr. Limbonpin took care of three generations, in my family -my parents, me, my brothers and my sister, my son Rafa, my nephews and my niece.

Fevers lasted not more than 2-3 days, after visiting him.

I always tell people, may anting-anting yata si Doc. Just by visiting him seems to shoo the bacteria/virus away, a.s.a.p.!

In 1977, when my younger brother was just five months old -he spent 51 days in the hospital. My parents thought my brother wouldn’t live.

But after Dr. Rufino Limbonpin, was recommended to my parents by Uncle Wilson, my brother’s godparent, things changed for my brother.

After just a week under Dr. Rufino Limbonpin’s care, my parents were able to bring their son home.

“Thank you for saving my brother’s life, Doc.” He is now a successful businessman and a well-known dog trainer.

Five years ago, my Dad was rushed to the emergency room, following a fever that shot up to 41°C brought about by a gall bladder infection.

We called Dr. Limbonpin up. He guided us all the way through my Dad’s operation.

My father was operated on by another surgeon. But doc was there for us: me, my siblings and my Mom. “Ayaw niya tumanggap ni singko kay Papa kasi sabi niya magkaibigan daw sila.”

I also remember the time, when my then two-year old son Rafa had a high fever –nasa 40°C yata yun. My wife and I, being first time parents, nataranta kami.

We didn’t know what to do.

I called up Dr. Limbonpin’s cellphone, not realizing that it was already almost midnight or that I might rouse him from his sleep. (he was 77 yrs old then)

He still took my call. He calmly gave us instructions on what to do. ‘ Ni hindi nagalit, kahit dis oras na ng gabi.

After talking to him, I knew everything was going to be alright.

As young children, my siblings and I, remember the clinic at Zacateros street -near the Fire Volunteer’s station and the old Ling Nam noodle house along T.Alonzo street.

While my son, nephews and niece, memorize the way through the new clinic at the Alonzo Mansion, just a block away from his old clinic.

But most of all, as a family, we will always remember, the great doctor.

Farewell and thank you very much,  Dr. Rufino Limbonpin.

May your soul rest in peace.”


-Richard Ang Sen


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