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The Soapbox Filipina | November 21, 2019

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TeleTech: "The Best Things In Life Are Close"

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen



What is TeleTech?

TeleTech and its subsidiaries worldwide, have been instrumental in the success, of big businesses and corporations, for thirty years.

“It has provided award-winning integrated solutions in support of customer innovation, revenue generation, technology innovation, enterprise innovation, learning innovation and professional services.”


Carrying on TeleTech’s vision, are its 25,000 employees, who are presently reaping the fruits of their hard work.

In the Philippines, TeleTech has been in operations since 2001. It has provided Filipinos, not just jobs, but stable careers, for the past thirteen years.

The company’s ascendancy, in the tech-solution business, enabled it, to reward its employees, with substantial compensation packages and benefits.

TeleTech moves its campaign, forward, through the company maxim : “The best things in life are close”.

Since proximity to the work place, highly contributes to productivity, TeleTech aims to provide more jobs, to residents living near their sites. It has fifteen sites all over the country:

U.P. Techno hub
Makati Eco Plaza
Ayala Hub
Poineer Hub
Lipa City
Sta. Rosa
Cebu, Lahug
Cebu, Mandaue
Ilo-ilo City
Dumaguete City
Bacolod City

The company provides, a friendly working environment, which encourages fellowship among employees, through events and activities, namely:

TeleTech Awards Night, TeleTech Summer Outing, TeleTech Birthdays and Anniversary Event, TeleTech Fire drill, TeleTech Run n’ Synch Fun Run and Be The Picture of Good Health Contest.

They provide a career path that is in synch, with their employees’ personal growth.

TeleTech provides employees, training programs, through their online Learning and Development tool called, “TeleTech University.”


At TeleTech -Pioneer:

I was fortunate enough, to have visited a TeleTech site, recently.


At TeleTech Pioneer


At TeleTech Pioneer


At TeleTech Pioneer


At TeleTech Pioneer


I was also able to know TeleTech, through the eyes of loyal employees. They had been with the company for years and had advanced in the corporate ladder, successfully.

1. Talent Acquisition Marketing Senior Manager Mr. Angelo Hernandez:


image credits: TeleTech

2. Learning & Development Supervisor Ms. Ria De Jesus and Administrator Ms. Tess Guzman


The skills they have acquired, through the various trainings and the friendships formed, spoke so much, of why they have stayed loyal to TeleTech.

 It was a fun afternoon, learning about the advantage of being part, of a company like TeleTech.



Thank you also TeleTech for letting us experience, the warm TeleTech culture  at least for a day.


image credits: TeleTech

Now, TeleTech invites you to be part of their team. Get to know TeleTech more and keep the best things in life, closer.



Visit any of its sites today or check their websites :

Or email them at :

[email protected]


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