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The Soapbox Filipina | October 23, 2019

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Superpowers Only Moms and Super Heroes Understand - The Soapbox Filipina

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen




Superpowers Only Moms and Super Heroes Understand 



1. Web shooters, hello Spider Mom!



She holds a mop, a tile brush, a vacuum cleaner and a broom, while feeding the dogs.

She holds here ladle, her sign pen and her paper works while talking to her boss on the phone.

She rocks her hungry baby on one arm, while swaying her hips, and with her other hand, prepares her baby’s formula.

She is able to catch a newly spat out, flying binky, before it even hits the floor.

She catches falling objects, like  spoons, cups and toys, all at the same time.

She can make her child stay put and stick to her like glue.

Her tight grasp makes her small child wonder, however, could he get away from her, in the mall.


While stopping, to speak with someone on her mobile phone:

  • she places her grocery bags in front of her,
  • she rummage through her large bag and
  • she holds her toddler on the right and her small child on the other.



Moms, they have sticky hands, that’s for sure.




2. Iron Man?


Oh puuuuhlease, go check the iron board and the rest of the laundry…

( meet Iron Mom!)



3. Dr. Xavier, psychic abilities, telekinesis and precognition



Just by looking at her child’s face, she knows what he is about to do.


Even before her husband and children ask, she already knows.


By the mere look on their faces, she knows.


She knows she plays a great part, in moulding her child’s future.


She can read minds and see the future, that is for sure.




4. Wolverine, super human tracking device.



She can hear her child’s tiny voice in the middle of a boisterous crowd – like a white noise.


She knows if her child or husband are near, even by just their smell.


She just know where everyone else is

or everything else is.


Where is Dad? Where is the baby? Where is the dog?
Where are my jeans? sneakers? socks? Where in the world is the center of the earth? Where does Barney live?
Where are the parents of these ants, mom?



5. Enhanced vision: X-ray and Microscopic vision, Super Man or Super Mom



She can see what her child is doing, even without actually looking at them.

She knows what her child is hiding behind his back.

She can see her child, even from a distance.

She knows her child’s silhouette.


She can see through her husband’s facade.

She can see through her teenager’s pain.

And she can even see through her husband or children’s friends – if they are sincere or not.




6. Comes with Sonic Scream like Banshee and temper like the Hulk



She is the alarm clock, the re-winder, the recorder and the constant nag.

She will shout out loud, if needed to be heard.

The mailman, the credit card collector, the water bill collector, the stamp collectors and yes, the garbage collector would not want her ANGRY.

( garbage collectors know better than skip her house and miss her garbage
– hell hath no fury than a waste bin missed)

The neighbor, the neighbor’s dog, the neighbor’s cat, the daughter’s boyfriend, the daughter’s husband can just be all too scared of her, when she’s not in her right elements.



7. Superhuman endurance, super human strength

and can also be in two places at once



Sometimes spreads herself too thin.

Reports for office
Manages the house
Sets meeting with the school principal
Brings the child to ballet class and basketball practices
Does the laundry
Prepares the food
Irons the clothes
Washes the dishes
Cleans the house
Takes care of the baby
Teaches the children
Drives the kids to school
Helps the children in their homework

She’s the first to get up in the morning and the last to go to sleep in the evening.



8. Healing factor



She fixes anything broken.

She lightens the burden and eases up the pain.

Even just by her presence, she heals.

Her touch, her smile, her laughter and her care…they bring hope and healing.



9. Super human speed, bionic legs and extra invisible arms, Bionic Mom and Mother Flash!



She can outrun a speeding toddler. ( like no one else – even brawny husband cannot)

She can dodge a sippy cup or milk bottle, thrown her way.

When her child needs to, she can bring him to the mall toilet -with the speed of light.

She can run after a rolling ball, right before it bounces on the road or into a pool.

She can catch her child, from falling off his crib or off the table.

She can win a sack race like a pro. ( even if it was the first time for her)

She can readily bring out paper bags, to catch her child’s vomit.

She can put on makeup, pick up cookie crumbs, fix a broken toy, make a call, answer the door, all in less than 10 minutes.

She gives instructions to the help, types on her laptop, feeds her baby, and drives her children to school.


She can finish ALL chores, before the day is done.



10. Meet the mothers of all shapeshifters



She can morph into anyone:


care giver, nanny, doctor, nurse,

lawyer, judge, artist

commentator, radio announcer,

driver, chef, cook, laundry woman, cleaning woman

teacher, accountant,tutor,coach

psychologist, councilor

entertainer, dancer, singer, masseuse

lover, protector,

Speaker of the House

Working Mom,
WAHM, a Work at home mom,
SAHM, a Stay At Home Mom and 

she is a Super Heroine!



It is genetic.
It is something taken from her own mom and something she will pass on to her own daughters.


She has grown superpowers since “becoming mom”. Her powers might scare her sometimes.

Like all super heroines, she seldom gets a rest, yet she still have the strength to do more, so much more.


Her children and her husband know in their hearts that there is a super hero, in the house

and they call her Mom.


Happy Mother’s Day to all Super Hu-moms!









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