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The Soapbox Filipina | October 23, 2019

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Summer Classes for Kids I Enrolled My Son In - The Soapbox Filipina

Summer Classes for Kids I Enrolled My Son In
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

Summer Classes for Kids Vacation time is here and summer classes abound. Summer classes today are very important for both parents and children.

It is because first, summer classes momentarily take away the children, from the gadgets and televisions.

Second, these classes also contribute in the children’s social skills development—since they are separated from their gadgets.

Third, they help give parents ideas, on what their children really want.

But of course, we parents, should also be careful of the summer classes we give our children.

We have to ask our child which summer class he wants to take (or if he really wants to take summer classes, to start with). Besides, he will be the one taking the classes, anyway ( not us).

Do not enroll him in classes only because, every child you know, is on that class. Or that most of the children of your mommy-friends are on that class.

Do not join the bandwagon, so to speak. This was a mistake which I might have committed myself, back when my son was a bit younger.

Fourth, summer classes help the parents discover and hone their children’s talents.

Last, they are excellent outlets for children —who have excessive energy levels.

These are most likely the reasons, why parents spend time and money on summer classes for their children.

Today, children are fortunate, since different types of classes are now being offered every summer.

Let me share with you, the summer classes my son have enrolled in this summer and in the recent years:



One of the P. E. classes in my son school is basketball.

In order to familiarize him with the sport, we enrolled our son one summer, in a basketball clinic his school offered.

summer classes




summer classes



It is necessary that we enroll our son, in a swimming class during summer because he has asthma.

My son has had two summer swimming lessons, since.

First, was when my son was four years old. He was enrolled with The Bert Lozada Swim School.

Bert Lozada offers swimming classes in different venues.

My son attended the swim class offered by Bert Lozada at Ace Water Spa in Del Monte Avenue in Banawe, Quezon City.

He was a snapper or beginner, then.

summer classes




Second, was when my son was eight.

He was enrolled with the Chito Rivera Swim School .

Just like The Bert Lozada Swim Class, they also hold their classes in different venues.

It was interesting to note that from a beginner, my son now has advanced swimming skills.

summer classes





Years ago, I once attended a blog event for a school owned by Mr. Audie Gemora. It was during a conversation between him and my son that he pointed out that our son was a singer and musician. He suggested that we should enroll our son in a music class. As a result, we enrolled him in Center for Pop for a voice lesson.

My blog posts here: Center For Pop1    Center For Pop2

summer classes

voice lessons



At the Center for Pop, our son’s voice coach noticed that while my son was singing, he seemed rocking an imaginary guitar. Later on, he showed an interest in guitars. It was for this reason that we enrolled him in a guitar summer class at Little Mozart in Lyric.

summer classes

guitar lessons

Lyric Store,
3rd floor, Main Bldg.,
SM City North, EDSA cor. North Ave.,
Quezon City
Telephone number: 352-2803

At present he is enrolled at the 

Connecticut Arcade
San Juan City, Manila 1502
Telephone number: 0922 834 2455

summer classes

guitar lessons

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