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The Soapbox Filipina | November 17, 2019

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Ruby Woo - The Soapbox Filipina

Ruby Woo
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen


 It took a while till I realized why the catchall phrase for red lips? on a morena-skinned woman would be, ” ’twas ruby woo-ed”. 

As usual, it is me and my dramatics on being ” a late bloomer” in cosmetics.

And my personal semantics on “Who is Ruby Woo”, rather than what is ruby woo.” ( as in twenty questions’ “animal, vegetable or mineral?”)

Or why it is the fastest selling lipstick.

I read it in fashion books. I heard friends talk about it.

But I never knew that matte red lipstick would actually work for me. Till, ( insert wacky face)  young and pretty Maine Mendoza showed up wearing it. It looked really good on her or she looked good in it, either way, I loved it.

I started wearing it last year with confidence on the side. (or was it the other way around? )

I cannot remember with which order of appearance they arrived in my life.

Speaking of, appearance that is, this lipstick is a beautiful addition to my disposition.

There is something about energy and red lipsticks , so they say. It pops out even with dull shirts and sluggish days.

MAC ‘s Ruby Woo is retro-matte finish.

You need not to re-apply often. It is perfect when dining outside. It rarely leaves memories on the wine glass.

It stays long on the lips. It does not wear off easily. 

BUT it tends to dehydrate the lips. ( well, in my case, that is) The lips become too dry afterwards. So you have to swipe a little bit of moisturizer or lip balm on the lips before applying it.

Also, since the lipstick is not as creamy —it does not glide easily on the lips. So, it is best to apply the lipstick with a lip brush.

It goes well with most skin types but I see it mostly on morena-skinned women, like me.

You see, it did not only stand out of my MAC pieces, but


 it just popped out of my morena skin.


Mac’s Cherry lip liner provides a clean edge. It went nicely with ruby woo – it helped bring shape and depth to my lips.






Ruby woo, it is —with the other staples in my sack.


Visit Mac Cosmetics 

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