The Power of Tomorrow, Today

“A dream is a seed.
Vision plants it.
Imagination nurtures growth.
Opportunities create blooms.
Thoughts become things!”
― Donna McGoff


What kind of parent are you? What kind of children, might your parenting style result into?

These are just, few of the questions that many of us parents occupy our minds with.

I am not confident in my parenting style, except for the assurance that I took inspiration from the parenting styles, of my own parents.

But of course, the nagging questions, still remain:

Am I, on the right track?
Will I, be providing a positive environment for my son?
Will my husband and I, be raising up a confident child?



In the tradition of 90 years, of creating excellent personality development programs, for children and grown-ups alike, John Robert Powers formulated two new programs.

Programs which were specifically designed, to address the needs of today’s parents and tomorrow’s leaders.


As John Robert Powers had always been the driving force, behind the successes of several celebrities, politicians, models and executives, they have now expanded their clientele.

They are now placing emphasis, on the most powerful people in the world -the parents, and the next set of powerful ones, the children of the future.



“The dynamic parenting workshop aims to maximize full parenting potential. It was designed to empower parents who seek to improve their parenting style.”



For most of us parents, parenting is a map-less pathway that we traverse. We do not have any knowledge, on what we should be expecting in the end.

The first time I held my son, was also the day I dreaded the word, ”parent”. I looked at him strangely and said,  ”now, just what am I suppose to do with you, really?”

As my son is growing up, mine still is, a parenting of hits and misses.

Now, the Dynamic Parenting Workshop  of John Robert Powers, is the map or the compass that parents like myself need, but cannot find elsewhere, till now.

The program consists of ten different topics. It will cover parenting styles in a modern family setting. It discusses the dynamics of parenting, while making parents find out for themselves, if they are speaking the same language with their children.

The program also reinforces the skill of parents to read other people’s actions. As sometimes with our own children, we find difficulty in analyzing their behaviors.






“The Future Leaders Program of John Robert Powers was developed based on the premise that every child has the potential for success. It is a 60- hour program that is inclusive of an all year round refresher course.”


Who else will carry the future forward, but the children that us parents, are taking good care of, today.

We all have great dreams for our children. We would like them equipped with the necessary skills and wisdom that they may carry into the future.

In my case, I would want my son to make a difference in the world, something I might have hoped for myself, but was not able to.

The program will be presented in four modules:

1. Personal Transformation

2. Effective Communication

3. Social Graces

4. Image Enhancement



The Future Leaders Program will develop our children’s potential in becoming future leaders. The program will teach children, the values and skills needed for a good leader.



The three basic values of leadership:

1. Selflessness

2. Respect

3. Cooperation


The four  basic skills of leadership:


1.  Decision making

2. Effective Communication

3. Negotiation Expertise

4. Forecasting and Planning


So which parents would not want something like this ,for their children? 


Together with other moms, it was a pleasant tour at the John Robert Powers School and Studio at their Makati branch in Salcedo St, Legaspi Village.








For reservations, call any of the John Robert Powers schools in

Alabang:   659-0052 

Makati:  892-9511

Quezon City:  927-0465

or visit  johnrobertpowers.com

It was also a beautiful morning for a workshop. I also learned so much, from the mommies like myself. Thank you for the insights, mommies.

Janice   the rollercoaster ride.com

Denise bebengisms.com

Kim  mom on duty.com

Em    touringkitty.com

Rochelle  rochellerivera.com 

April   when april talks.com 

Janet  sadakobear.wordpress.com



My son will be using this soon, thank you John Robert Powers!



  1. Janice / The Roller Coaster Ride

    It was nice seeing you at the event. :) I learned a lot from you and the other moms too. :)

    1. PierAngeli

      same here Jan!

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