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The Soapbox Filipina | November 14, 2019

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Places in Cagayan de Oro City that Remind Me of My Childhood - The Soapbox Filipina

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen






Places in Cagayan de Oro City that Remind Me of My Childhood



Yeah, you know how it is, when years have been added to your age –like lots of it?  You become nostalgic, just like that. During my recent trip, home, I decided on reliving my childhood memories by visiting places from the past.

The Cagayan de Oro City that I so loved the most, is drawn from my childhood memories of the city, in the early eighties to the early nineties.

Back when tattered or acid washed  were pertaining to, distressed pants and stone-washed jeans. Or when pastel-colored high cut reeboks, determined status quo. Or knapsacks made of abaca or nito materials, hang on the backs of most highschool boys.

While stories like that of a big fish(?) made of gold, living under the Cagayan River or of a white lady occasionally seen at The Hotel Alta Tierra,     made the city, a bit interesting.      

( Hotel Alta Tierra, now the Pryce Hotel) 


Back then, when the bridges crossing over the Cagayan River, going to the city, were only the ones by Carmen and Consolacion. (now, there are two additional bridges: one along J.R. Borja and the other along Puntod)


Or the ways, to keep me from ” laag sa udtong tutok”  was for our house help, to mention names like: Bernalda, Badak and Toochie.   

(So, for fear of running into those, “personalities”,  I stayed at home and watched“Student Canteen” , instead. Or stayed beside the transistor, of our laundry woman and listened, to ” Teban and Goliath” and “Saging Mantikaan”.)


Bread was ensaymada from Afhat Bakery or monay from Shanghai Bakery.

Pansit was from Bagong Lipunan, patatim was from King’ s.


 (while my Dad’s printing press, Reyban Print Master -was located between Pacana-Capistrano and Burgos streets, while his restaurant,  Sitti Hawa ( renamed as Sandino’s) was at Tiano-Pacana Streets)

The movie houses  I knew of were Kairo, Roket, Nation and Gold  then later on, the movie house which introduced the first, dolby systems surround, Sky-Hi. 

( still pretty amazed how the KetKai’s actually figure in my childhood memories, with Roket and Kairo and then LImketkai) 😉


The malls were Gaisano, Ororama and LimKetKai.  The market place was either Cogon or Carmen.


The schools then, that most people I knew went to, were, Xavier, Lourdes, Liceo, Pilgrim, CCC, ( Capitol University) COC , (City Central, DMMPSC ( or Mindanao University of Science and Tech) and MOGCHS.







There were schools that were just relatively new that time, like Sacred Heart,  Little School House /Corpus Cristie, St. Mary’s and my school, Montessori de Oro.

These schools by the way, were the alma mater of most freshmen whom I formed friendships with, in U.P. Diliman.  We belong to those batch of freshies from Cagayan de Oro City (CdeOC), who’d just get homesick, after receiving (from members of the campus regional org, Kagayhaan) , fliers that read,

“Gimingaw ka na ba sa Ketkai?”

(Ketkai ra intawon ang among gi kamingawon sa una)


But nowadays, the young ones of CdeoC, who are studying away from home, would have a long list of places that they might miss.

“Gimingaw ka na ba sa KetKai? 

…sa Centrio?  sa SM?  sa Robinson’s? sa White Water Rafting? sa Zipline? sa Pueblo? sa night Cafe? 

or sa imong trato? ♥♥♥



Cagayan de Oro City, today,  is a progressive city -bursting with commercial buildings, real estate development, malls, restaurants, and golf courses.  (with The Sys, the Ayalas and the Gokongweis having businesses in  the city)

The city now boasts of tourist sites -places that were never there, when I was growing up. Or of tourists sites that might have been there before, but were not yet developed then.

Every time I go home, I get to visit the new attractions there.


But for my recent trip home, which was two weeks ago, I included in my itinerary, the places in Cagayan de Oro City that reminded me of my childhood.

In fact it has been a long time, since I last saw those places. And I wanted to see those places, once again.



As I have told someone recently,

” tinahak ko ang mga daan at lugar ng aking kabataan, sa Cagayan de Oro City.”





1. St. Augustine Cathedral ( San Agustin Cathedral)



Sunday was and is family day in my family. We would start it off, by going to church. ( then the beach afterwards)





2. Gaston Park 



Gaston park is  the park by the cathedral and the place to be, when I was a little girl.

There is a huge fountain in the middle of this park.

Popcorn, balloons and pancakes with star margarine were sold here.

And this was also the meeting place of lovers. ( or still is, as the picture shows:)


There used to be a group of photographers here, who roam around and take pictures of you and your family, for a fee.

( mga Maniniyot -no, not rated PG- that really is our word for that) P1060657

3. City Hall




4. The Provincial Capitol





5. Mc Arthur Park








6. Capistrano-Pacana-Burgos streets

Before my Dad bought our house, in brgy. Consolacion, ( which was previously owned by The Aguilars who had to migrate to the States, then), our family used to live, in a rented apartment in Pacana Burgos.

That was first where my Dad’s printing press was.


This was the apartment where our printing press used to be: ( before it was transferred to Consolacion)


Right across the apartment was the house of Dr. and Mrs. Dayrit.

It was a large house. ( and it still is now)

I remembered it having, so many cars parked in its garage.

Mrs. Dayrit made and sold great butter cakes. ( our birthday cakes were always bought there, till Mrs. Dayrit stopped making them and bakeshops began opening in the city)

For some reason, I do remember the names of their househelps: Nong Sano and Nang Paz.


A few meters away from our apartment, was my favorite theater then – Kairo Theater.( now, Savemore)

It was where I first experienced my full length movie, E.T. -later on followed by Sharon Cuneta Films like P.S. I Love You and Dear Heart.








7. Divisoria and The City of Golden Friendship Park






the fruit stand




This was what used to be the Amphi Theater -where “The Amatyur” (or the amateur singing contest of the radio station D.X.C.C.) was held.



Golden Friendship Supermart was the mini-mart, I used to go to, as a young child.




9. The Pelaez Sports Center




My Dad used to go here, either to jog or play basketball. While my younger brothers, wearing their matching ” Reyban Print Master” jerseys, would tag along with him. I remember, this was also where the City hosted the Palarong Panlalawigan, and the Palarong Pambansa.

So more than saying “Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Center”, I was familiar with the place as “Palaro”. I would have more likely said,

” adto ta sa Palaro” than “adto ta sa Pelaez Sports Center”.





 10. The Post Office


this was where I used to mail my letters, for my pen pals from IYS:



11. Bagong Lipunan Restaurant  (and their pansit)

( this Bagong Lipunan Restaurant, is not the one on its old location, this one is near City Central School)




12. Brgy. Consolacion

This is the right side  of the Cagayan River that runs along Brgy. Consolacion.

The same suba (river) where I used to swim and catch ‘gunting-gunting


This is the street in my simple barangay, where I used to play patintero, bagol-bagol and iskate.


yeah, home!





  1. Noemi

    Hi Ange, Rocket and Kairo was actually a play on their matriarch’s name, Rosario Limketkai so you’re not too far off. By the way, do you remember that very old Marca Leon ad they play right before a movie starts? That chicken has been fried so many times, it probably turned cancerous already. Also, SkyHi was owned by the Limbonhais. The Chinese and their self I deprecating play on words.

    • Hi Noems. Yeah. Hahaha, I remember now, Joy Go used to tell me about the name behind the movie houses.The piniritong manok, yes, yes,yes! Hahaha! Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Hi. If my memory serves me right, The Bagong Lipunan Resto in Velez near City Central School as far as the 80s is concerned -haha- was their original location, and still their location presently . I was born at our small home Tiano Mabini Streets so that made us neighbors then. BL opened branches in Hayes, at then Ororama Megacenter now Puregold in Lapasan, and in Bulua. And there is one more bridge you might have forgotten to mention , connecting Macasandig and Carmen, it’s called Kagay-an Bridge. And yet there’s another here in CDO at Taguanao – The Pelaez Bridge. So there 6 bridges crossing CDO River at the present 🙂 Enjoy!

    • Hey, Thanks! So it still is the same location? I used to think it was blocks away from City Central. So things maybe were bigger and farther back then.
      Now there are 6 bridges connecting the city? Wow. Thank you, I should visit them too. I only get to see the two new ones. Thanks, take care!

  3. Hi cousin Anj,

    Wow, I enjoyed this kay maka-relate ko!!!! Nakakaon na kaha ko og pansit diha sa bagong lipunan? basta last year, i tried bread sa shanghai kay my friends were talking about it. di ba naay branch dapit sa capistrano-pacana? murag didto ko nag buy. hahaha. Teka, wala lagi ko kasayod asa ang city hall og and provincial capitol. are they duol? wala man gyud ko nimo gisuroy didtoa oi. hahaha. unya until now wala ko katultol asa and MdeO. wala ko nimo gi uban oi. asa na to imong crush codenamed Remington Steele? taga pacana pa mo ato, di ba? or wait basin mali ko. hahaha. pero dili ko makalimot sa gaston park kay naa tay photo there with lola sarah. 1984 to. i hope you get to write some more stuff about CdeO. nice baya that you provided photos. pero grabe, wala na ko kaila sa consolacion. nautro na ang iyahang dagway. but i can still picture out how things looked like in 1984 diha dapita.

    • Jas, bitaw Gaston I remember grade 4 man ta adto ba? Gaston park nga naay fountain naa pa, BUT kadto atong na suruyan sa una kadtong sa silong sa Cathedral bitaw, nga murag extension sa park? Naguba sa Sendong.:( kadtong didto EXACTLY ta nag pa picture, wala na.
      The City Hall is right across that, btw.
      Pero ang Provincial Capitol didto ra duol sa Gaisano nga doul pud sa Consolacion. But remember we both went to my Auntie Mely, (sister of Dad) in the Provincial hospital? Right across Provincial Hospital is The Provincial Capitol. Daghan ko crush but I will check in my Journal Kung kinsa na si Remington Steele- murag gwapo tingali kay gwapo baya si Pierce Brosnan. Hahaha! Uu Jas daghan na kaayo balay ang Consolacion. Remember kas una puro mi vacant lots among tapad. And naa pa tong old house nila Jong, sa una. Karon wala na. Gihimu na nila new house ug apartment.

  4. Mernz

    Hi Ange! I sooo miss those places that when i visited CdeO last December, I had to pass by those places. Unfortunately, I was not able to drop by our school, Montessori de Oro. It has improved basing on your picture… I didn’t have any memories with Limketkai cause I went to Cebu right after our Grade 6 graduation ( way back 1988 )… I get teary eyed remembering my childhood days. Life was so simple then and fun, hehehe…

    • Meeerrnz! Hi! How are you! hehehe!Actually I felt weird when I took pictures.I felt crying and laughing at the same time. Yes, back then, life was so simple.

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