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The Soapbox Filipina | November 20, 2019

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Iron On Patches on Old Shirts - The Soapbox Filipina

Iron On Patches on Old Shirts
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

Iron On Patches on Old Shirts:  

Patches made a huge come back in 2015, I thought of upgrading some of my old shirts through them.

Besides that, it gives me that 90s cool kid vibe—the fashion style which defined my entire college life.

( While millennials have the nineties as their birth year, I have it as my college life. So there you have it people, my age…the big reveal)



This year, I got an H&M gift card for my birthday. I used some of it to buy patches.

I made sure I bought the iron-on ones, it is because for one thing, I do not own a sewing machine.


H & M Iron-On Multi Pack at P349
I bought two packs of H & M Iron-On Multi Pack Patches at P349.


H and M at  P349/pack , 5 pcs /pack

The pack has five iron-on patches in various sizes, ranging from 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches.

There were only two sets of designs available. I was limited to buying only two sets.

Divisoria Patches at P 20.00 each or 5 pieces for P100

The patches I bought at Divisoria were at P20.00 each.

Or as the alé  said, “lima isang daan, po” (5 pieces for P100).


from Divisoria,—P 20.00 each or 5 pieces for P100

I just passed by them— on one of the stalls, along the sidewalk of Roman Street in Divisoria ( the street along 999 mall).

I know I would have gotten them for a lesser price, but with the sun just too hot that day, I did not bother to haggle anymore.

*Divisoria is a commercial center in Manila, Philippines which is known as a place for low-priced goods.

Few years back, my husband bought me these good quality t-shirts.

The brand : Blue Corner.


These great quality shirts are sold in stalls, along Recto and Juan Luna, in Divisoria.

( Just make sure you know your sizes, since the size tags are  just crazy. With Blue Corner, I am a 3X… and phleez, I beg to differ, you mean size tags)


Blue Corner Shirts P80-P110/ shirt depending on the size


Comparison and Differences


I had to put twice as much effort however, in ironing the patches from Divisoria. It seemed the plastic backing were not as adhesive as the ones from H and M.

H and M patches are thick while the Divisoria ones were not. 

As for designs however, I found most of the designs from Divisoria, more eye-catching, than the ones from H & M .

Or maybe because I am drawn to the more chromatic stuff.

Other than those, I had a grand time tweaking my old polos, t-shirts and pants and redesigning my newly bought ones.

This is a newly bought shirt with patches. I took of the old patches and replaced them with the ones I bought. So, minus the “Where Is Waldo” feels or “The Ronald McDonald Fries”—- I opted for the Owl patch  instead.




I still am thinking on which patches i am going to use on this old shirt.


My old pants had just been upgraded!


How To Iron The Patches On The Garment



1. CHOOSE a garment which does not burn easily—the safest fabric for ironing, is cotton.

2. Prepare a DAMP TOWEL.

3. Set the heat of the iron to “COTTON”.

4. Position the patches on the area of the garment where you want them.

5. PLACE the damp towel on top of the patch ( it prevents from directly burning the patch).



6.  Press the iron on the damp towel, for 30 seconds, while moving the iron in a slow circular motion.

7. Turn the garment inside out, and iron the back for 30 seconds.

(the plastic backing may have stuck on the garment already)
8. And yes, finally you have just tweaked your tops and pants.


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