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The Soapbox Filipina | November 21, 2019

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Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen


What exactly is the English translation for the Filipino word “pasaway” ? In the Cebuano dialect, I know it as, “pa-badlong” or “badlongon”. But, I most definitely know “pasaway“, when I see, hear and experience, one.

It is an act of “pasaway”, when sunflowers are being stolen, via a family affair. The monument of the naked man, standing not far away and the “do not pick the sunflowers” signsshould have been deterrent enough. ( mahiya naman sa mamang walang saplot)

Besides, even if “no guards are guarding the sunflowers, anyway”, the flowers were planted there for the graduates, as a symbol and remembrance –for having endured four or five years of sacrifice.

( you can not imagine the sacrifices they have made; they are not even hard-core MRT commuters yet)

But as for sacrifices, it is “pasaway” especially during the Lenten season, to hear that “the Filipinos should have sacrifices like that of Jesus“.

 ( Didn’t the air-condition systems of the world’s not -so -great airport, shut down, during the holy week? That air-condition system is “pasaway” too.)

Nothing or no one, should ever be asked for a sacrifice, comparable to the sacrifice of the Son of God. Jesus already sacrificed for our sins. Everybody’s sins. Including Filipinos. Jesus would have not want us to tread, in the same path and go through sacrifices like he did. 

Perhaps, ” The Filipinos should have the heart of Jesus.,” – would have been a better statement, don’t you think? Like Jesus, may we, Filipinos, have the heart to take care of the poor and give them back their taxes.

It is ” pasaway” , when overtaking the convoy of the one -who would later in the evening, ask you, to have sacrifices like that Jesus.
Sacrifice nga diba, not overtake?

Or, it is “pasaway” when you tell Spiderman that your movie, beat his in the showing day. Spiderman must have been itching to use his web sling.

As “pasaway” as Spiderman and its ending.
Love story nga daw, diba ang Spiderman, tragic?( or as pasaway as I am, -as the “spoiler-alert diva” )

Or as “pasaway” as a missing necklace that is owned by “bes”. In a,  “masarap ba ang asawa ko sort of way”? With the rest of the audience saying, ” bakit hindi mo kasi sinagasaan ng tuluyan, naku kung ako yun…” ?

Or as “pasaway” as bringing foods to condo, when your girlfriend thought you were just at home.

Or as “pasaway” as a comedian with a scandal video, of him and a girl, young enough to be his daughter. ( naku, pasalamat kayo condo and viral video, hindi pa kasagsagan ni legal wife) 

Or as “pasaway”  as  beating and setting up someone for rape.

As “pasaway” as exorbitant fees, in golf clubs.

So, now both Golf and Gulp,( gulp,gulp) can ingnite cuss words and squander the chances for 2016.

It is also “pasaway” when you are invited for a senate hearing but all you say is “wala po akong alam”, “hindi ko po alam”. ( bulag, pipi, bingi po ako.) While the taxpaying public who deserved the answers, were left in the dark.

Yet, later on, “ang dami palang alam” as you, spill the beans to one person only and the list of pork violators is now endless. As “pasaway” as spill the beans in Pork and Beans!

It is ” pasaway “ to be HANDSOME , SEXY and OLD nowadays.

It is “pasaway” gunning for taxes, through ads like that of a doctor riding piggyback, on a teacher -when until now, there is no clarity, as to where in the world are the missing taxes and when will it be returned, anyway?

But what does it tell us, of a pageant contestant, who instead of having said that her room-mate who fainted earlier ” passed out” , incredibly said, she ” passed away”.

 As in freudian slips, where the hidden motive, inadvertently comes out into the open, did that pageant contestant just wished for another contestant’s early demise?

Nothing could be tougher than beauty pageants in this country. For that beauty pageant in particular, peace on earth and rest in peace are now correlated.  She should have prepared for the competition, mentally, as well.

Or maybe, the English translation for ” pasaway” , is “passed-away”.






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