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The Soapbox Filipina | September 23, 2019

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Paano Ba 'To?! : A Book by Bianca Gonzales - The Soapbox Filipina

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

National Bookstore in Trinoma was the venue for the book signing, of “Paano Ba ‘To?! : How to Survive Growing Up by Bianca Gonzales.


Bianca Gonzales, TV host, editor and columnist, connects on a certain level, with different types of people. As I have seen, with the number of people in attendance and with how Bianca, herself, treats her guests/fans/friends during the event.


So, no, I am not a Bianca Gonzales follower. 

I find her too beautiful, too young, too intelligent and too talented. (too everything ) (yeah, the downside of being a highly opinionated mom) 

I find her too perfect. ( while the book then later on, gave me a glimpse of how human and imperfectly beautiful, she really was. ) 

I thought of how she could be all that.

But she can and she is.


She is relatable even with celebrity status.

All my presumptions about Bianca Gonzales changed. I left them all, at the doorstep of the bookstore and all for the past tense to deal with.
I  am a Bianca Gonzales follower, now. ( in the same fashion as the diary of a supermom wannabe, maybe )


*My younger sister Pia, however, has been everything, ever since. She’s a fan of Bianca, since her Yspeak days.  My sister is still giddy, about Bianca’s message to her.


Paano Ba ‘To?! : A Book by Bianca Gonzales

Bianca’s pieces of advice on her book, I find most valuable. She did not hesitate, to reveal the mistakes she made along the way.

I admire how she was able to particularized, all the fine points that women, young Filipina women, are facing today -from parents’ expectations, break-ups to finding the purpose of ones existence.

Plus,  I used to have issues on being morena( till I met my husband and he insisted that “I had him at morena”) 

It should have not taken a man really, for me to have appreciated my skin color. ( I thank my husband, though)

Women who have concerns on skin tone, could learn from Bianca, valuable lessons, beyond color and race.  


Also, there is this interesting statement on the book that is so real for me, something I have uttered growing up and something, I think, many young individuals today, hold important:



I love the book. It puts value on what every young Filipina should hold dear to them, like family, roots, friendship, love, confidence, career, money and self-improvement.

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Bianca’s book also reminded me of something important: “You are just having a bad day, not a bad life.” Something moms like myself forget, when faced with our daily struggles and personal tragedies.


If I had a daughter, I would most truly “gift” her the book.

For the guys, you not only can have this as guidebook (on why women behave in a certain way, heavens) but you can also learn a thing or two on life, through this book.

Parents can trust that Bianca’s positive words will resonate with their daughters.

The book is something you could be proud to give away and be blessed to receive.


I have two copies signed. One for my sister Pia, a nurse and a super fan of Bianca and one for my other sister, Steffi, who just took the bar exams.


my sisters, Pia and Steffi at their place, with my son Rafa


 Get your copies now!



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