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The Soapbox Filipina | November 14, 2019

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Nina Garcia's Four Books on Style and Fashion - The Soapbox Filipina

Nina Garcia’s Four Books on Style and Fashion
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen


 Nina Garcia‘s  Four Books on Style and Fashion

Sometime in 2007, fashion journalist Nina Garcia of the Project Runaway fame, came out with a book about fashion and style.

The book was a hit with women that it was followed by three more books.

Nina Garcia’s books are the modern guide to women, who hope to develop their own personal style.

I might not have assumed her all glamor and fab guidelines but I must have picked up some of her everyday look-tips and applied it in my life.

As you get to know Nina Garcia and where she is coming from, you will understand how fashion does not necessarily mean high-end.

She talks of fashion, yes, some expensive but she puts emphasis on taste and attitude.


Yep, I own all four.

Nina has a way of firing up sophistication starting with the most simple of pieces. She highlights on the good, better and best in putting style together -even without having to put so much effort on being really fashionable.

The books practically helped me build my wardrobe according to my lifestyle, as a mom.

She encourages you into upgrading your wardrobe but rushes you into upgrading your self-image, first.

More than that, the books have also encouraged me to be comfortable with who I am. So I would look good, in what I wear, whatever my make-up, flats, sneakers, bags or jeans.



Through her books, Nina Garcia encourages women not to be a copy cat but to create their own unique sense of style.

She talks of women whose clothes, shoes and bag they have on, would make others ask, ” where did she get those? “

The books are not only informative but amusing too.  They are highly entertaining —for a book about fashion and style.  The feeling after reading them can be likened to watching a talk show.  It is like you have discovered so many things that you never would have uncovered in your life had you not picked her book/s up.

I recommend these books especially to women who are just so clueless ( like me) about fashion and also  to women who just try there very best to be fashionable but just lose their personal style and confidence in the process.

Plus, Ruben Toledo‘s art are truly delightful.

The Little Black Book of Style 2007


The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own ,2008


The Style Strategy , 2009.



Nina Garcia’s Look Book, 2010.


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