Magnum, Twice

It is summer by the way, while the hottest day in Metro Manila, fell on this week. So I indulged myself, with “that” create-your-own-ice-cream-craze.

I was able to visit, in all its splendor, The Magnum Cafe, Pop-Up Pleasure Store at the SkyPark of SM Aura -twice, this week.

The first, was on Tuesday, where I spent some very interesting minutes, in the company of blogging mommies, like myself.

M is for Mommies : Serene and Lani


For few moms, like myself, who are not into the specifics and the trifles, there are four things you have to remember in Magnum:

The flavor of your ice cream, the three toppings, the dip and the drizzle.

( so later on, when your kid challenges you with enumeration, -like mine did, you just have to know what’s in it )



Mine was a vanilla ice cream in white chocolate dip with milk chocolate drizzle topped with gold nuggets, chocolate crunch balls and dried raspberries

( now, that was a mouthful, literally and figuratively.)


imageA gentle reminder though, should you dine in, you have to order dishes and desserts on the menu and not just create your own ice cream or the take aways.

But if your interest lies only, on the P100/stick-create-your-own-ice-cream, you can just pay for the ice cream or the take aways and eat it, somewhere else.

 yup, they just were meant to be taken away. ;)

It was dine-in for the moms, and the company was great. ( magnum and epic chikahan)


“M” is for Mommies: Glaiza and Serene

Four days later, I was back , with my husband and son this time.


“M” is for My Family


imageimage image


I was excited for my son. I knew he would love the take aways, like I did. But who wouldn’t?

Since we had dinner already, we got the take aways. We ate our ice cream at the mall’s food court, which was conveniently situated right below.



Happiness on a stick, for a 100 bucks?

Yeah, it was worth it! ( especially for this kid, who knew that he had a hand, in creating it. )



by the way, have your picture taken, steps away from the letter "M" insignia, it is bad lighting to be too near.

( our family picture was a bit fuzzy, as compared with the one, I had with the other moms)

( yep, that you must remember too, alongside the toppings, the drizzle and dip)




  1. Camille Aguila

    Oh gosh, I hate myself for sneaking out so fast after Mrs Ph-Globe. So inggit you guys were able to try Magnum Cafe. I’d love to try this too! Though I must say this is so mahal for an ice cream stick but heck, let’s indulge in sweet calories for once. Haha

    1. PierAngeli

      Hi Camille! Oo nga ang bilis mo nawala hahaha…Glaiza for Magnum actually..Next time ulit!

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