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The Soapbox Filipina | October 23, 2019

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When Love Finds You, Do You Fight It? - The Soapbox Filipina

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen







When Love Finds You, Do You Fight It?


One day, when that magic called love, lands on your doorstep,

do you open the door wide or slam it shut?

Do you ran towards it, in Barry Allen fashion?  Do you raise your arms up and shout “come on hit me with your best shot?”

Or do you hastily get away from it, like a disease contagious in nature?

When love finds you, do you fight it?

Do you wish ill on the courier who brought it there? Will you be one to angrily ask, “don’t you even knock, at all?”

Are you the one who is pretty sure that Cupid got it all mixed up — why, with everything like arrows, made in China and all?

You start to wonder, is it visiting or staying for good?

You will try to reason with it. You will argue with it. You will question it.You will doubt it.

You will pour chemical on it. You will stand by to see if it mutates into something else or if it fights back.

You will think over it, till it becomes one vicious cycle.

You will dissect it. You will break it into microscopic fragments -unrecognizable from its original form.

You will curse it -for having disturbed your peace.

You hoped it was not you, who met love at the doorway.

How you’ve wished you were not around when it came knocking.

While everyone around you says, it is time, you think otherwise.

You will just have to think of all the creative reasons not to fall in love.

You do not have the time. You do not want to disrupt daily routine. You are too old to fall in love. You cannot take the risk.

It was raining.
It was a full moon.
It was a time for certainty and precision and not confusion -as in Hello Kitty is not a cat.

It was not a great year to be happy since Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Sin had just left the world that year.

There just were three great movies to keep you busy that year:
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

But love comes at a time when you least expect it. Or when you thought you did not have the time for it.

“Naku, naku, yung mga love na yan, wala akong panahon,dyan.”
“Panira lang ng oras, yan. “
“May mga kapatid pa akong pinag-aaral.”

Or at a time when you thought you are not ready for it. ” Sandali lang naman, hindi pa po naka gayak.” ( ‘am not dressed for love)

Or right after you have just said, “hindi pa ako handa.”

Sometimes, love arrives even at a time when you have already forgotten about it. Love? Ano yun? Ulam ba yun? Love? Tennis: zero.

Love coming at an unexpected time, misleads you into thinking that it is not the right time.

You just know that when you sail away with love, you have to have a compass, a timer and a map on hand.

You just know that when love arrives, you have to be all glam and fab, sipping champagne.

You just know that when love arrives, you have covered all bases and plotted your life. If it is too confusing? If it is too maddening? You just know, IT IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME.

You know so much…too much. ( when you are not even CIA) (you know what they do with spies who know too much?)

Pray tell, when exactly is the right time?

Who or what dictates the right time for loving -when even love surprises time itself?

Love does not come peacefully into the night. It comes barging into the house. Yes, not even knocking, at all.

It does not mutate and fight back. It brings along with it, a beautiful chemical reaction. (no need to stand by and watch)

Cupid? He’s on real-time, on waze.

It was a guided missile, made in Germany.

Precision ammunition. It was you all right -right on target.

Love will never be, what you have exactly prayed and hoped for. But it will exactly be the love that you most needed.

You may lay every single argument you could think of -for you not to fall in love.

But well, there’s love and there’s God.

God will make sure that you will  know He had a hand in your love story.

Offer your thoughts and decisions to God and asked Him to protect you.

God will help you prepare for love. He will make it happen.

With true love, every time is the right time.

Love? It knows better. It arrives earlier, way earlier.

It has been there, even before you realized you were falling in love.

You may have no business falling in love. But love will make it, its business.

Love comes at the right time.


Do not fight it.


We found love so don’t fight it
Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it
I need you so stop hiding -Ronan Keating

And that person?

1. He will love you no matter what.

2. He will think of you first before anyone else or any feelings for that matter.

3. He will not analyze, over analyze, react or over react.

4. When he sees you, he will let you know he likes you.

(When guys see something they like, they will pursue it (us) , no matter what, no ifs , no buts) “harangan man ng sibat”

5. He will do things that will make you happy. ( just as you make him happy)

6. He will laugh with you and not at you.

7. He will do things for you.

( even it meant having to go through the humiliation of watching a romantic tagalog movie with you, in plain sight, in broad day light…in darkness there is light —–why, this one is based on my personal experience, with live footage and all)



 – Pier Angeli



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