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The Soapbox Filipina | September 23, 2019

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Jose Rizal, A Monologue - The Soapbox Filipina

Jose Rizal, A Monologue
Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

Jose Rizal, A Monologue 

image credit: Sir Kayle Castro

image credit: Sir Kayle Castro

Last year August 2017, my son was one of the  delegates for the Children’s Museum and Library Inc., Graders Convention (CMLI) in Baguio City.  

my son with the judges of CMLI, as he was receiving his 2nd runner up trophy

He portrayed Dr. Jose Rizal through a monologue.  

Out of 14 representatives from different schools across the Philippines, my son bagged the 2ND RUNNER UP trophy ( as always, please

pardon the mom pride for the cub).

with his 2nd Runner Up trophy

The five-minute monologue had to be written specifically for the contest.

I am sharing with you, the monologue I wrote for my son. 

image credit: Sir Kayle Castro


Rizal and His Bleakest Winter in Berlin 

( Berlin, Winter of 1886 ——- Jose Rizal,despite being sick and destitute, remained determined in writing the Noli Me Tangere)

 Intro, an excerpt form Juventud Filipina-To the Filipino Youth:

“Alza su tersa frente, Juventud Filipina, en este día! 

Luce resplandeciente Tu rica gallardía, 

Bella esperanza de la Patria Mía!” 


I am José Protasio Rizal Mercado.

And my dreams for the nation, lie on its youth.

My hopes for equality, is in my novel’s truth

Tonight, I long for my people, my family, my home & my country

Shining Pearl of the Orient, the mere thought of you, 

sets my heart on fire

I daydream of bright summers in Laguna

Of my beautiful home, my sisters,

my brother Paciano 

and my mother, Teodora

Then! My thoughts left my mind.

I look around, only to find—-—this is not summer! 

And this! 

This surely is not Laguna!

Reality sets in…

It is 1886. December. Winter. 

And I am in Berlin.

“Winter is coming”! 

“Winter is coming” -—-so they say.  

But nothing prepared me for what is ahead.

I am an Illustrado ——-born to wealth and power. 

Yet, helpless and bowed down by this winter.

I am not in the best of health.

I fear that tuberculosis will be the death of me.

I journeyed to this foreign land, filled with hopes for my country men.

I hope to finish The Noli Me Tangere.

This novel will help open the eyes of Spain herself 

——- of the atrocities made in Her name.

I hope to wake up the hearts of every Filipino.

Like it did for me, in the execution of Fathers Gomez, Burgos & Zamora.

But now here I am. 

I am useless in this cold.

I even failed to meet my friend Max Viola ——-who will help me publish my novel.

I am hungry, sick and penniless.

Is this where everything ends? Is it worth all these?

What will become of my native land? 

My heart screams for reforms, equality and fraternity!

When will we be free of our oppressors?

Of the injustices and the vices committed by the Spanish priests.

I am loosing faith. Fear assails my dream. Doubts cloud my hope.

My heart breaks!

I fear that my novel will remain unfinished.

How will they know of Ibarra’s purpose?

Of irreverent friars like Padres, Damaso & Salvi?

Or the woes of Sisa 

and the misfortune of Maria Clara?

What then of the youth? 

The likes of Basilio & Crispin?

I am inflamed by the fire in my heart——fueled by my faith in the youth.

 I pray that 100 years from now, whatever the advancement in technology, may be..

May the Filipino youth be responsible citizens,

-respecting the rights of the people in their community.

I cannot give up just yet. 

I will write on.

For the Philippines! For the future!

The future which belongs to the youth.

Yes! You my dear youth ———fair hope of the Fatherland.

You are duty bound to ensure it. 

Hold your heads high!

You possess the talent and ability that would make your country proud.

Please, please…

Make the Philippines better

Greater than we have found it.

For my dreams for the nation?

Lie on its youth!


Written by Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen for Rafael Angelo B. Ang Sen


image credit: Sir Joseph de los Reyes

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