Hooked On a Good Housekeeping Event

Good Housekeeping Magazine tied-up with 3M Philippines and organized a DIY( do-it-yourself) event at the Activity Center of the SM Megamall.



The event, which was entitled “Get Hooked on DIY” , got everyone hooked especially us, mom bloggers -who participated and learned so many things.


( -hang paper lanterns or create a picture wall with simple steps, among others )




 (-get to know how really great a brand 3M is)


The event was hosted by Ms. Angel Jacob


All the more it did become, a fun-filled afternoon, as product ambassadors for 3M’s Command,-The Team KRAMER graced the event.

Not to mention adorable little girl Kramer, Kendra who stole all our hearts. We were a captive audience.


 ( Truly, I had a difficult time concentrating, on what parents Doug and Cheska were saying. I knew I had questions for them but failed to do so, when all my attention was on the third member of their team.)

But as Doug Kramer  had put it, ” We have summed it all up”.

the mom bloggers with Team Kramer

the mom bloggers with Team Kramer

Like any other parent, celebrity or not, time is essential. So, boring holes and hammering into walls, equate with time away, from the family or children.

Thus, it is not hard to see how Team Kramer love the products of 3M, since they are a family, who valued time together.

The 3M products put family first by making housekeeping easier and faster, even children as little as Kendra, can tag along and watch daddy or mommy, work on the house walls or doors.

In our home alone, my husband is Captain Hook. He has a stash of 3M Command hooks in his tool box for emergency use.

3M hooks are so easy to use, it is a staple for the family home. My husband loves the hooks most especially, since they are sturdy and they maintain the beauty of the home.

Our bathroom door, our bedroom door and our walls are hooked -with Command by 3M.


Thank you  Good housekeeping and 3M

Thank you
Good House keeping and 3M

( thank you Nicole and Alwee of Good Housekeeping Magazine)

And also thank you 3M Command for the loot, my husband is the happiest.

3M products
3M products

Thank you to my new-found mom blogger-friends.

( sorry though, this is the best picture my phone had)
with some of the moms

with some of the moms

Watch out for upcoming Good Housekeeping Events through their social media sites.

click here for: Goodhousekeeping Facebook page or Twitter@ghphils



  1. Nerisa / Baby neo's mama

    it was nice meeting you, Anj. hopefully, next event uli :)

    1. PierAngeli

      Neris, hi!
      Yes, see you soon in another event! Happy to have met you too!Happy Easter!

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