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The Soapbox Filipina | October 14, 2019

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Gowns, Coats and Barongs at Divisoria - The Soapbox Filipina

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

Gowns, Coats and Barongs at Divisoria



You know of those times, when a wedding comes up, in the family?


my brother Vito’s wedding

my brother Gierek’s wedding

You may not be part of the wedding entourage but as an immediate family member, you are required to don formal wear. ( some sort of uniformity in the attire, especially for the family picture)

Your budget does not permit you, to purchase designer gowns and expensive ready-made gowns.

Then, you go straight to the mall, only to find out —nothing suits you or your budget

—you panic.


You secretly wish for this:


But when kindness, courage and a bit of magic do not drop your way, you say, “wala akong isusuot!”

( which leaves your husband, like in my case, wondering : “why does my wife have nothing to wear – when all her clothes fill up our closet, practically leaving all my stuff out of it?”)


‘Day, hindi ka ninang, hindi ka din abay…


Mother of the bride?

Yeah, you now start stressing”,  like you were the bride herself.

I get that feeling often.

Most especially now that there are weddings going on, in our big family, these past years. ( two brothers got married already and this year, another brother will get hitched)





Did you know that Divisoria is not only the go to place, for wedding gowns but it offers great options, for inexpensive yet good quality gowns, barong tagalogs and coats?




They have available ready to wear gowns, Barong Tagalogs and coats.








Divisoria houses a large array of stalls -dedicated to formal wears, cocktail dresses, barongs, coats, evening gowns, wedding dresses, gowns for Santa Cruzans and even gowns for beauty pageants.



 Although coats and pants should be tailor-made, the ready-to-wear ones fit well, actually.


Check out the ones on my husband and my son: ( in preparation for another brother’s wedding)

ready-made coats for men have a price range of P800 to P2,000
ready-made set : coats AND pants for boys have a price range of P800- P1,200


If you have a design that is not so intricate, they have seamstresses there, who could create it for you, even within one week.

It is best that you hand her, the actual picture of the dress you want.( something taken from the internet, maybe)

With regard to the design, speak neither to the salesperson nor the owner of the stall, but to the seamstress herself.

Always look for the person who will sew the gown. If  they say that their seamstress/tailor is not around, move on to the next stall.


You can choose the fabric too:




Here are my gowns made by seamstresses at Divisoria:

the melon-pink gown at P 1,200 and the peach-laced one at P 2,500

( and if you would like more of those glittering beadwork, just add P 500)



Here are the tailor-made Pina-Jusi Barong Tagalog of my husband and my son which they wore, during my brother’s wedding:

I remembered, we got the high-end ones ( as per Divisoria standards)  but I cannot remember how much they cost.




The stalls are at two locations in Divisoria:

 The 4th floor up to the 6th floor of The 168 Mall in Divisoria


The 3rd floor of The Tutuban Mall in Divisoria


Personally, I prefer the stalls at the 168 mall, since there is a greater number of them there, compared to the ones at Tutuban Mall. 

But then, there were also pretty evening gowns at Tutuban Mall that I failed to see at the 168 Mall.

I suggest you allocate ample time, to visit both locations. Try to visit every stall. You see, one stall might have great chiffon gowns while the other would  have gorgeous  satin ones.

You have to be very thorough and specific.

And lastly, in true Divisoria fashion,  you can haggle too!




update: during my brother Marco’s wedding at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country club:



  1. How much poh you couple wedding.

  2. shirley

    Ung black na gown magano

  3. orman

    hi there… just wanted to know if they have RTW barong tagalog for somebody on the heavy side (3XL)… your hubby methinks is just a “large”

  4. Aileen

    Hello!do they have onlineshop also that ship outside philippines?

  5. hi I am looking for a wedding gown and all white suit and pants for my groom. if you can please send me your latest designs in my email. [email protected]

  6. Annabel Mahipos

    Hello po magkano po vah ang wedding gown nyo at suit na royal blue??

  7. Anna

    Hi I want to know how much po isang set for bride and groom ? Please send me new design . Thanks my email [email protected]

  8. Hello! I just blog about my experience, po. I do not sell. There are many available gowns in divisoria, you might want to check them out, there. Puede ninyo pong isaisahin yung mga stalls duon. I gave tips on how to inquire. Do not forget to haggle, Goodluck and Thank you po.?

  9. Hi meron po ba kayo narong tagalog na purple? KUNG meron pwede pas3nd nung available na deaigns dto sa e mail ad

  10. Shei

    Looking for a wedding gown and for my bridesmaids gown( pink,blue). Pls email me @[email protected]!

  11. jhing nicolas

    Please send me pictures with price of your debut gowns for not so fat lady…will be using on aug. 9…thankyou
    Email add: [email protected]

  12. Arlyn Lansangan

    Hi. For rent po ba yung mga gowns sa 168 mall? 🙂 Thankyou.

  13. Shella

    Pasend nmn po ng mga pictures kung meron kayo ng motiff na aqua blue. Saka kung magkano nrn ang rent ng mga gowns and suits.. Thanks!

  14. reymart fontanoza

    Good day po. Naghahanap po ako for rent wedding gowns na affordable price lng po. Color royal blue po hanap ko. Thanks po

    • Hello Reymart! I just blog about my experience. I do not sell po. There are many available gowns in divisoria, you might want to check them out, there.
      Puede ninyo pong isaisahin yung mga stalls duon. I gave tips on how to inquire. Do not forget to haggle, Goodluck and Thank you po.
      But I remembered they gave me cards. Hope these could help.

  15. reymart fontanoza

    Pwede po ba humingi ng contacts nyo? Thanks po

  16. Jen

    Thank you for this blog. I am in need of a ball gown and I lack the time. I am also a plus size which makes looking for an RTW gown more difficult. I’ll allocate one Saturday to look for a gown in Divisoria. Thank you for the pictures because it gives me an idea of the selections available. Now I just need to find someone who knows how to haggle to go with me.

    • You are most welcome, Jen. Yeah, you’re right, you have to go with someone who haggles well. But it is not difficult to haggle though, since there really are so many choices there. If a store does not give you the price that appeals to your budget, go to the next. 😉

  17. lilac

    hi. just can you comfortably fit gowns there? i can imagine the stalls would be small so i’m wondering how the fitting would be? would appreciate the advice. thanks,

    • yeah it is small but not difficult really, you can make do of the makeshift fitting rooms

  18. Cora

    Hi Meron ba kau Chinese collar na barong?

  19. bernadette pammit

    Hi it was a great t information May visit your shop soon. Thanks for the nice posting. Beth

  20. vann

    this article helped us so much.. thanks

  21. che

    looking for short cocktail dress for prom

  22. judy

    thank you so much sa tip. means alot para hirap kz mamili sa divi sa sobrang daming tao.

    • You’re welcome.

      • catherine

        hi.. good afternoon.. can i get the exact stall no.? maganda po kasi yung pagkagawa nung dress mo.. yan kasi ang exact na design para sa.mga abay namin.. thankyou so much..

        • I hope the stall is still there:
          De Guzman Gowns and Barong
          Stall 4B 12
          168 Mall

  23. Joana

    Hi. Do you still remember kung anong mall yung beige or cream na dress dun sa mga pictures mo? Yung isang hilera ng beige dress

    • I hope the stall is still there:
      De Guzman Gowns and Barong
      Stall 4B 12
      168 Mall

  24. Michelle carpio

    How much if mag rent ng pang js?

  25. How much royalty long gown

  26. Pau

    Looking for wedding mermaid gown

  27. jessica dela cruz

    Pm namn po ung number nyo…meron po ba kau royal blue for debut my daughter

  28. Johnny Marty

    Hi! Could you please send me your sample modest wedding dress with sleeves wither short or 3/4 style.

  29. Hi Ms. Pier Angeli, in what floor and stall number did you have the peach laced gown made? It’s really pretty.

    Thank you!

    • I’m sorry Haze but I lost the card of the person who made that gown but if you go to Divisoria, you’ll see almost all of them can make you one, any gown, any style.

  30. Lhen

    Hi meron po kaung white color of filipiniana gown for reyna elena and kng how much po?pls.let me know..thank you..

  31. Grace

    Hi po. Im intrested to see available designs for ninangs if you may allow. Im planning to have “gowns for rent ” business in our place.

  32. Hi…do they have online shops? I am from Iligan City tanx

  33. Maricris Mangahas

    Hi.. How much ung black na americana.. ty

  34. Mary ann

    How CAn I purchase online?

  35. aby

    i was taking a look at the gowns but what catches more of my attention was the first wedding picture with a very familiar church. My hometown parish church 🙂

  36. Maylanie Saniel

    Having this kind of blog is so useful for us who doesn’t have any idea of where can we buy beautiful yet affordable prices of gowns and suits for our love ones…
    Thanks for sharing and God bless you…

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