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The Soapbox Filipina | October 23, 2019

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Dirty Politics in Catarman, Camiguin - The Soapbox Filipina

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen

In all those years that our Dad served the province of Camiguin -three times as board member and now, as councilor for the town of Catarman- we, his eight children have just watched him, from afar. 

In fact, only few people knew that our Dad is a public servant or that we are children of a dedicated man serving in government.

Never have we meddled in our father’s affairs, in public service.

But never have we felt the need to fight for him,  TILL NOW. 


Our Dad is an inspiration -both as a father and as a leader. He has brought us all up, in the best way he could.

He loved being a public servant just as he loved being a dad.





From the facebook post of my sister Mirzi Reina:


My father, Periolo Torayno Banaag, is currently running for Mayor in the municipality of Catarman in Camiguin province. He has been a Provincial Board Member 3 times, and currently serves as a Municipal councilor in Catarman.

He has enacted numerous ordinances for the benefit of the province and its people. I will post all his accomplishments in another post because my focus now is about the harassment my father has been enduring so far during this campaign period and I seek to voice my opinion on this matter.

To say that politics is challenging in Camiguin is quite an understatement especially in Catarman, where my father dared to run as the lone opponent against the incumbent Mayor.

While others say we have to get used to dirty politics, I say we continue to let the voice of the oppressed be heard, be it 1 person or a hundred person listening, because a little spark can still produce a light that will shine the way to the right path.

So far my father and his supporters have endured the following harassments:


1. His posters and tarps were all taken down for no reason at all

2. He has been denied permit to rally in the barangays whose barangay captains are allied with the incumbent mayor

3. One of his supporters’ house was attempted to be burned down when by throwing a mosquito coil laced with gunpowder and almost hurt the family members

4. A rock was thrown at the car of one of his councilors who just came from my father’s rally

5. Supporters are threatened to be removed from the 4Ps list in the barangay

6. And of all the vile things to do, the incumbent mayor called my father a rapist in front of the people during one of their rallies without even giving any shred of evidence, but just for the sake of maligning my father’s reputation.


Mr. Incumbent Mayor whose-name-is-not-worth-mentioning-in-my-FB page, why are you stooping to this level of dirty politics? Is it because my dad exposed you to be the cockpit owner in one of his rallies, much to the embarrassment of your group?

By the way, Mr. Mayor, may I remind you to reread your Local Government Code wherein the anti-graft law in Section 89 (2) provides that any local government official or employee is prohibited from having pecuniary interests, whether directly or indirectly, in any cockpit or other games licensed by the local government unit.

In fact in May 2014, the Office of the Ombudsman headed by Conchita Carpio Morales, in a 15-page decision, dismissed Malinao Mayor Avelino Ceriola from Albay for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and the Local Government Code of 1991 when he opened a venue for cockfighting under his own company in 2011.

So instead of hitting at my father for telling the truth, would it not be best to make use of your time preparing for your defense in the Ombudsman?

This re-electionist mayor is just showing his true colors. And what ugly colors they are! They are not the colors of a genuine leader who seek to serve his constituents, but someone who is so power-hungry, he would do everything (even to the point of endangering the lives of others) just to satisfy their greed and lust for power.

In fact, their feathers are ruffled that a true Catarmanon like my dad Periolo, has risen from a life of hardship, and has served his fellow Camiguingnons for the past 20 years in politics and still continue to do so.

Through my father’s discipline, faith in God, courage and hard work (alongside my Mom), he has managed to send all his eight children to school and we have all completed our studies with backgrounds ranging from Nursing, Engineering, Law, Economics, IT and Business from reputable schools.

We have not been involved in any form of corruption, violence, drugs or scandals and if these are not enough examples to show how good a leader and a man my dad is to be able to accomplish all these with his small business, then by all means Mr. Incumbent Mayor of Catarman, show me your credentials.

And in the same breath show me as well your accomplishments as a Father, as a husband and AS A MAN, before you attack and underestimate my father’s character.

I did not want to brag, but under these circumstances, let me remind this incumbent Mayor to be careful in the lies you are spreading because we are carefully listening and weighing in on everything you are saying and all of us eight children and the families and relatives of Periolo T. Banaag, will not hesitate to defend him using the fullest form of the law.

So before you destroy another person’s character, make sure you have ENOUGH evidence to back it up. Because come election time, we will be there to support this man named PERIOLO T. BANAAG as Mayor for Catarman, Camiguin.





Dear Dad,

 You taught me to be proud of my roots. 

—to hike a four-kilometer distance uphill, to a place called Bugho, where your Papang used to “tigway ang baka”( feed the cows)

—to wait for the right time “ug dili basta basta mag ipo sa cacao ug sa butong…maghulat”

—“mag mata ug kadlawon aron maka panabo sa isda sa baybay bago-o dalhon sa mercado”

—to go to the “gangangan” to see the hardwork involved in the transformation of the “lugit”


No one could be prouder of where he came from or what he went through -to become who he is today, than you, Dad.

Dad, we want you to know how proud we are of you.

We are proud that you took a stand. That you are one of the few who stood ground.

You have always inspired us to be better and to make our lives and your grandchildren’s lives, better —and we did, we will! 

You have made our lives, better.

You have always wanted THAT change for Catarman—for Camiguin.  It is time to make your town better, like you did with our lives.




Our Dad is an inspiration.

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