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The Soapbox Filipina | October 23, 2019

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5 Tips I Learned From Our Wedding Day - The Soapbox Filipina

Pier Angeli B. Ang Sen




1.Dearest Bride, if you can, please do not cry on your wedding day.

As the bride, you may not be able to contain your emotions. You will feel like crying. You will be too overwhelmed. It is difficult to contain those feelings, as you take those steps closer to the altar and you see your parents by your side. But if you can fight those tears, most especially during the bridal march, do so. 

Easier said than done.

I almost cried too, you know.


Think on the practical side:

a.  You have carefully planned your wedding for months.

b.  You have obtained the services of other people and of course, paid for it.

c.  You have been looking forward to the day, you become a bride.

d.  The makeup on your face, have been paid for.

e.  Think of the beautiful gown you are wearing, it would be a perfect match to a beautiful smile.

f.  Think of the photographer whose services you have acquired and paid for.

g.  Think of the photos that you will keep, in your wedding album, -pictures of your face, ruined by your tears.


But it’s fine for the groom to get teary-eyed, most especially when he sees his bride -in that beautiful wedding dress- walking on the aisle.

I think this was one of the best pieces of advice I got, before walking down the aisle. ( thanks to my mom-in-law)

( this was also one advice, I shared with my sisters-in-law, the wives of my brothers)



2. Assign a family member to keep an eye on everything.

As it is with any other event, guard your valuables, at all times.  ( and bride, I do not mean the groom)

Though none of our friends or relatives lost anything, one of our suppliers did.  His cellphone, went missing, in one of the hotel rooms ,we have checked in. Also, later on, the hotel charged us for a missing set of miniature decorative beer-bottles.

My husband and I always share this experience, so others will avoid that mistake. What we failed to do, was assign a relative, to watch everyone -as they were doing their jobs.

Everyone was so busy doing their tasks and nobody could tell if someone else came in or not.  (and worst, in our case, we occupied adjoining hotel rooms with a connecting door, therefore, there were two entrances and two exits)

So to avoid confusion and lost belongings, keep the people, going in and out the makeup room or the pictorial room, to a minimum.

Also, like any other party, there would be gate crashers. They can easily pass of, as friends or relatives.

Months later, after receiving the copies of our wedding pictures, we saw a picture of a group of people whom my husband and I did not know.

( people who even my parents or my parents-in-law did not recognize.)

Later on, somebody confirmed with us that the group was a group of wedding-crashers , since they also crashed into another wedding, months before. But they were a harmless bunch, all they really do was eat and then leave. ( and there were no reports of lost belongings during the reception) Well, that was nine years ago. It is good nowadays, as in the weddings of my three brothers, I saw that it is not easy to crash into venues.

A wedding event would have so many people going about – people who you may not know. Or people who do not know each other.

So, it is best for someone to stand guard.



3. It is your wedding day, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Be prepared to be amazed or horrified, on how things turn out during weddings.

There would be stories of wedding cakes not turning up exactly the way, the couple wanted it, or of wedding cakes not showing up, at all.


There would be cases of mix ups, in the hotel rooms of the guests.

There would be guests or relatives during the party who would bring attention to themselves and take the limelight away from the groom and bride. (drunk guests, represent)

There would be wedding gowns not ready yet for the wedding.

Sometimes, there are stories of brides, getting their gowns on the eve of their wedding days.

Err uhm, I was that bride.

I cannot remember exactly how or why, but I think the couturier, had to make last-minute changes on the gown.

It was a suspense filled evening, as I waited for my gown to arrive in the hotel room at 11:00 pm. ( and I was getting married, morning of the next day) 

You know that feeling when you get palpitations and your heart skips a beat? AND unfortunately,  it has nothing to do with falling in love?

The gown of course arrived  and it was how I imagined it to be, beautiful.



If glitches of these sort, happen on your wedding day, don’t waste precious time looking for someone to blame it on, smile and just laugh it off.

Refrain from staring at your wedding cake like it came from outer space. Or from adjusting your gown too much.

Carry on, continue with the festivities.

( Since everything had been paid for, you cannot get back at those suppliers who failed to deliver -just make sure you do not recommend them to anyone, at all)

Try to laugh and smile all the time.  It is your day and remember, no room for stress, on your wedding day!

And think only of the one person who truly makes you happy.


4. If you do have an organizer, work closely with him or her.

Never be overwhelmed by an organizer, who might have years of experience, so much so that you will allow him/her to boss you around. Besides, you did not get his/her services for free.

Wedding organizers might have been doing weddings for years and you, your first.  Still, they have to take your lead. They may give you suggestions and options, but you have to tell them what YOU want.

On the wedding day itself, assign a close family member to work with the organizers. You see, someone has to check if things are going, as planned. You cannot leave everything to the organizers. It still is your wedding, not theirs.

Never tell your organizers, ” it’s up to you.”

No. Do not.


5. Make sure the wedding host will not dominate the wedding party.

Even if the wedding host is born with the best vocals, do not let him or her treat your party, like it was his or her concert.

The host for our wedding party is very talented.

You see, she could have showcased her talent for everyone else to see.

But she did not.

She made sure every one else in the family, who was there to perform, performed,  -like my sister, my brothers, my sister-in-law and my friends.
Our host did not mind that she only sang few songs. She did not sing the night away like it was her show.

I might not have remembered all the songs that she sang,  but I still remember how that party went smoothly, through her hosting.

We had fun that day.


My husband and I just celebrated our 9th Wedding anniversary.  I thank God for everything!



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  1. Thank you! This is a great list! Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you become happy and have a great family in the future!

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